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Registration number Location Destination Week Remarks
UR-CIB RKT Any Now  
UR-CPS Maintenance      
UR-CIF RKT Any Now  
UR-CIG Contracted      
UR-CIV Contracted      
UP-I7601 Contracted      
UP-I7645 Contracted      


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Cargo cabin dimensions.


Tactical and technical data IL-76T/TD

Wingspan (m) 50,5
Aircraft Length (m) 46,6
  Mass characteristics  
Maximum take-off weight (т) 190/175
Maximum payload (т) 50/40
The maximum capacity of the fuel tanks (т) 90
  Aircraft performance  
Cruising speed (km/h) 750-780
Flight range with maximum load (km) 3700/3200
  Sizes of the cargo compartment  
Without ramp length / ramp (m) 20/24,5
Width (m) 3,45
Height (m) 3,4
Volume general / commercial (m2) 321/180
The composition of the crew (1 operator and 2 engineers) (pers.) 5+1+2=8