About Us

ZetAvia – is an aircompany, that was established in April 2009, specializing in the cargo transportation by air, and all scheduled service and maintenance on the IL-76 aircraft.

Our fleet of six IL-76T/TD are registered under our flag manufactured in CIS differing by ramp construction and unpretentious, in operation on concrete and unpaved runways. The aircompany (ZetAvia)is able to satisfy all the demands of our customers in terms of transportation – we can handle transportation of heavy and oversized equipment, fragile and valuable cargo, and even the transportation of livestock. With the ability to deliver almost any kind of goods, our company carries out charter flights to the Middle East, Europe, Africa and other regions around the world.

Due to the high demand for transportation in the Middle East and the presence here of major consolidators, our aircraft under the callsign ZAV now operate flights to/from the UAE airports. The aircompany has safety management system (SMS) approved by CAA, the right to transport all types of cargo, including dangerous goods, certificate EASA Part-TCO.

ZetAvia performs all types of operational and periodic maintenance on the technical bases in Nikolaev (Ukraine), Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) and Aqaba (Jordan).

To Charter ZetAvia is processed through our agent Reem Style Travel & Tourism, as they are our Agent for worldwide Sales.

Our Fleet:

      Aircraft Type       Registration number
1        Il-76T        UR-CPS
2        Il-76TD        UR-CIF
3        Il-76TD        UR-CIG
4        Il-76TD        UR-CIV
5        Il-76TD        UR-CIB



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